Enhance brand engagement with WhatsApp Business API

With nexG’s WhatsApp Business API, contact clients across sales, support, or help them through their purchase in real-time

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Build an Impactful Marketing Campaign that Raises ROI

  • Deliver discount deals, promotional alerts, new arrival orders, and stock renewal updates with customer consent.
  • Create innovative campaigns and items in the cart. notifications, and essential recommendations based on previous purchases.
  • Organize order confirmations, subscription reminders, and product delivery updates with substantial cost cuts.

Showcase and Sell with a WhatsApp Store

  • Engage customers with relevant product displays from selected catalogs via commerce API.
  • Show multiple or a single product from your inventory.
  • Provide an add-to-cart action button to redirect customers to the purchase step of the customer journey.

Provide an 'Add to Cart Action Button to Redirect Customers to the Purchase Step of the Customer Journey

  • Integrate smart WhatsApp chatbot technology to support customers' care queries.
  • Transfer customer issues to live agents to handle difficult conversations.
  • Reduce agent response time and operational capital with self-serve flows and customized responses.

Meet Customers' Needs at Critical Moments Through Personalized, one-to-one Support

  • Enhance your customer service with intelligent WhatsApp chatbots that can handle the majority of routine inquiries.
  • Streamline your response time and operational expenses with the pre-written response and self-service procedures.
  • Smoothly transition to living representatives for complicated inquiries or dissatisfied customers.

Upscale Customer Interaction and Brand Awarness with 2-Way Conversations

Multilingual Support

Provide support to customers in user-preferred languages, including ethnic and international integrations.

Encrypted and Secure Conversations

Build trust amongst clients with end-to-end encryption, verified business checkmarks, and opt-out availability.

Customizable Templates

Create smart campaigns with go-to templates for appointments, reminders, updates, product displays, and more.

Content Rich Formats

Drive seamless campaign performance with interactive posts, attractive images and videos, informational PDFs, and quick-reply buttons.

Analytical Insights

Pinpoint Customer pain areas to help solves queries precisely and in less time with analytics of queries, feedback, and product drop-off reasons

24/7 Customer Care

Harbour chatbots and a team of live agents to promptly resolve customer queries.

Blend Powerful Solutions to Create Efficient Integrations with Apps and Platforms

Utilize custom template library to send precise and updated alerts of successful or failed transactions, promotional alerts, and subscription reminders with automated services of nexG.

Resolve customer problems with the helpdesk dashboard and chatbot integration to convert your conversations into tickets.

Utilize custom template library to send precise and updated alerts of successful or failed transactions, promotional alerts,

Utilize custom template library to send precise and updated alerts of successful or failed transactions, promotional alerts,

Establish Quick Integration with Different Apps and Online Platforms to Provide Scalable Solutions

Business Transactions

Send precise and updated alerts of successful or failed transactions with automated services of nexG.

Customer Support

Organize customer interactions with the helpdesk dashboard to convert your conversations into tickets.


Enhance your brand reach and customer experience to improve sales with easy e-commerce integration.

Automated Marketing

Transfer automated personalized messages, and target-specific information, and analyze campaign performance via connected marketing tools integration.

Schedule Events

Help your clients schedule messages with categories such as type of event, date, occasion, time of delivery, and many more events.

Frequently Asked Questions

The WhatsApp Business API is a communication platform that enables businesses to connect with customers on WhatsApp at scale, using automated and personalized messages. The WhatsApp Business app, on the other hand, is a mobile app designed for small businesses that enables them to communicate with customers using their personal WhatsApp account. The WhatsApp Business API provides advanced features such as chatbots, message templates, and messaging insights, that are not available on the WhatsApp Business app.

Before the WhatsApp API can be used, businesses must meet certain requirements such as having a Facebook Business Manager account, a verified WhatsApp Business account, and a compliant use case. Businesses must also adhere to WhatsApp’s guidelines and policies, and obtain explicit opt-in consent from customers before sending them messages. Additionally, businesses must use an approved WhatsApp Business solution provider such as nexG Platforms to access the WhatsApp API.

No, WhatsApp does not allow businesses to send free messages to customers. However, businesses can use the WhatsApp Business API to send messages to customers at a cost per message. The cost per message may vary depending on the country, the message type, and the volume of messages sent.

No, businesses do not need to stop using their current channels for client involvement in order to use the WhatsApp Business API. The WhatsApp Business API can be integrated with other communication channels such as email, SMS, and social media, to provide a seamless and omnichannel experience for customers. Businesses can also use the WhatsApp Business app as a supplementary channel for one-on-one interactions with customers.

The WhatsApp API is only available through approved WhatsApp Business solution providers such as nexG Platforms. Businesses can sign up for the WhatsApp Business API through nexG Platforms, and get access to advanced features such as chatbots, message templates, and messaging insights.

The WhatsApp Business API provides a range of features that can be integrated to improve workflows and customer engagement. These include chatbots, message templates, media messages, group messages, and messaging insights. Chatbots can automate customer interactions and provide 24/7 support, message templates can speed up response times and provide a consistent brand voice, media messages can enrich the customer experience with images, videos, and documents, group messages can enable team collaboration and customer segmentation, and messaging insights can provide valuable data on message performance, customer behavior, and trends.

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