With Proficient and Reliable SMS API, GUI, and SMPP, Upscale Your Customer Engagement and CX

Communicate better with your customers by sending and receiving authenticated text messages across multiple platforms without latency and with trust.

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A Secure, Flexible, Scalable and Feature-Rich SMS for Business

Engaging Templates

Increase operational efficiency with easy-to-integrate templates and opt-in forms for distinguished customer journeys.

Authenticate Customer Identity

Screen unwanted infiltrations by adding a second layer to verify users and transactions using OTP.

Global Quality Standard

Transact messages via a highly reliable messaging platform along with premium routing for millions of transactions every month.

Real-time Reports

Allow seamless message transfer by tracking delivery analytics without disclosing customer details via a number masking solution.

Easy-to-use GUI

Manage SMS operations via a user-friendly white-labeled website dashboard, effectively built for clients to allow agents and customers to send a customizable message with a single click.

Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience with Successful SMS Campaigns and Alerts

  • Be it promotional, transactional, OTP, or support, reach your audience with unmatched bulk SMS delivery to send relevant information on new product launches, discount offers, and time-sensitive deals.
  • Prioritize critical alerts such as OTPs, and transactional messages to ensure on-time delivery during redundant network issues.
  • Increase your ROI from your SMS marketing campaigns with interactive content and real-time actionable reports.

Interact Securely at Scale with Adaptive 2-way Conversations

  • Converse freely with your customers with a 2-way conversation on SMS via compliant long and shortcodes.
  • Enhance reliability and credibility to stay clear of fraudsters and spammers with spam filtering and firewalls.
  • Engage better with undisturbed SMS delivery by agreeing to DLT registration through an AI-powered algorithm that manages templates and sender IDs.

Live Care-free with Strong and Low Latency Delivery Output-nationwide

  • Reach your customers on time via our trustworthy platform for a continual automated service that falls back to voice messages after a dedicated time.
  • Track real-time actionable reports of sent and received messages with a live monitoring dashboard.
  • Increase your customer experience with multi-lingual support of foreign and national languages for Unicode characters.

A Reliable SMS Solution for Your Business

With easy authentication of new users, logins and transactions are sheltered with unscathed security with One Time Passwords (OTP).

Improve your market analytics by collecting feedback and poll results from consumers and employee satisfaction reports with integrated hyperlinks.

Send important reminders about subscriptions, bill payments, account credit and debit information, and order confirmations with embedded hyperlinks.

Improve brand engagement and product acknowledgment with targeted campaigns and a focused audience.

Establish Quick Integration with Different Apps and Online Platforms to Provide Scalable Solutions

Business Transactions

Send precise and updated alerts of successful or failed transactions with automated services of nexG.

Customer Support

Organize customer interactions with the helpdesk dashboard to convert your conversations into tickets.


Enhance your brand reach and customer experience to improve sales with easy e-commerce integration.

Automated Marketing

Transfer automated personalized messages, and target-specific information, and analyze campaign performance via connected marketing tools integration.

Schedule Events

Help your clients schedule messages with categories such as type of event, date, occasion, time of delivery, and many more events.

Frequently Asked Questions

An SMS API is a programming interface that allows developers to integrate SMS functionality into their applications, websites, or software. It provides a reliable and secure system for businesses to send and receive SMS messages. The API enables businesses to automate their SMS messaging, which can save time and reduce errors compared to sending messages manually. With an SMS API, businesses can also track delivery status and receive detailed reports on message delivery and performance.

SMS API can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as sending appointment reminders, order confirmations, two-factor authentication messages, marketing campaigns, alerts and notifications, and more. SMS messages have high open and read rates, making them an effective way to communicate with customers, employees, or users. SMS API can also be integrated with other channels, such as email, voice, or social media, to provide a multichannel communication experience.

To integrate SMS API into your application, you need to follow these steps:

  • Choose a reliable SMS API provider, such as NexG Platforms, which offers easy-to-use APIs and robust messaging infrastructure.

  • Create an account and get API keys or credentials, which will enable you to access the SMS API.

  • Integrate the API into your application using the provided documentation and code examples.

  • Depending on the programming language and platform you use, the integration process may vary, but most SMS API providers offer libraries and SDKs to simplify the integration process.

  • Test the API to make sure it works as expected, by sending a test message and checking the delivery status.

  • Start sending and receiving SMS messages through your application, and monitor the performance and delivery status using the reports provided by the SMS API provider.

DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) registration is a mandatory registration process for businesses or individuals who want to send bulk SMS messages in India. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has made it compulsory for all telemarketers to register on the DLT platform to avoid spam and fraudulent SMS messages. The DLT platform provides a centralized system for telemarketers to register their headers and templates, and to authenticate and authorize their SMS traffic. Telemarketers need to provide their business details, such as PAN, GST, and CIN, to register on the DLT platform, and they need to comply with the rules and regulations set by TRAI.

Yes, it does. The cost of sending SMS messages varies depending on the SMS API provider and the destination country. However, nexG Platforms offers affordable and flexible pricing plans to suit your business needs. You can choose from prepaid or postpaid plans, depending on your usage volume and frequency. Prepaid plans allow you to purchase SMS credits upfront and use them as needed, while postpaid plans bill you monthly based on your actual usage. You can also choose from different SMS routes and delivery options, such as promotional or transactional, and standard or priority delivery.

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